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Welcome to the Ocraft

For lovers Survival worlds

Why connect to our server

We has good A-TEAM

Our A-TEAM is good for players and reliable. A-TEAM always has time for you. A-TEAM is not allowed to troll.
They check everyone carefully so that no one hacks there. A-TEAM has permission to make you ducks.

We have a powerful server and nice

Our server is very powerful, it almost never crashed. Our server tightens everything.
Our server has a nice spawn, here is a sample.

There is a main world on the server where there is survival and there are no decorations, just a normal survival world.
There are rules in the survival world.

How to connect on the server


Open minecreaft


Go to the multiplayer game


Add server


Enter the address in the IP line


Clic on done and Done😊

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